Support My Campaign!

"Affordable Homes for Healthy Neighbourhoods"

Support Lana's Election Campaign!

Whether you are able to help out financially, or by donating your time, there are a variety of ways to support my campaign. If you support my message and priorities, then I hope you will consider lending me your support.

The most important way you can help is by word of mouth - discuss the issues and
my priorities with your friends, family, and neighbours in our ward!

If you are able, I would love to have your financial support so I can
reach more people with my message.

There are several ways to donate financially to my campaign:

By Postal Mail or In Person:

Send me a cheque by postal mail, or, if under $25, you can send cash. 

Please make any cheques payable to "Lana Hiscock Campaign Account"

Mail to:
Lana Hiscock
18-169 Lancaster St. W
Kitchener, ON
N2H 4T7

Should you wish to meet in person to donate, or just get acquainted and discuss the issues,
please get in contact to set up a time to meet.

By Electronic Transfer:

You can send an electronic money transfer (EMT) to Lana@Lana4Ward10.ca

Please ensure to contact us to provide us your contact information
(address, phone number, email) 
for receipt and records purposes

By Third-Party Donation Collection Service:

Alternatively, you can use the Zeffy donation form by clicking the donate button below.
100% of your donation goes towards the campaign.


Please note that you must be an Ontario resident to donate, and no donations
from corporations or special interest groups
will be accepted. 

The contribution limit to a candidate by an individual is $1200, and the sum
 of all contributions to a single candidate cannot exceed this amount.

**If sending a cheque, cash under $25, or an EMT, please
ensure you 
contact us by phone, text, or email with your full
legal name, phone number, and address for receipt and records purposes**

Land Acknowledgement
 Land Back

An image of the Haldimand Tract, extending North above Kitchener-Waterloo and following the Grand River to its end at Lake Erie. This is land that was unjustly taken from the Haudenosaunee people.

This land acknowledgement is necessary because the the history of Canada as a country was, and is, oppressive. Our region comprises what is known as the "Haldimand tract", a parcel of land surrounding the Grand River, six miles on either side, that was "given" to the Indigenous Haudenosaunee people via treaty in 1784 by those who thought they "owned" the land through violence and oppression of the Native people. This land was colonised, immorally and unjustly, by oppression of our fellow humans through destruction and devaluation of their way of life. Systems of oppression were put in place over many years and these systems have benefitted people like myself while disadvantaging Indigenous people. These systems mean that Indigenous people end up comprising 0.5 percent of the population of Toronto, but end being 15% of the city's homeless populationthat 0.78 percent of the general population in cities will experience homelessness, while nearly seven percent of Aboriginal city dwellers will at some point be homeless; it means that Indigenous students face many hardships and barriers to their education, leading to, and compounded by, poor high school graduation rates; the United Nations has called the living conditions in many Native communities "abhorrent"; the residential school system operated by the Canadian government literally ripped children from their parents, abused, and in many cases murdered them and buried them in unmarked graves which are still being found to this day. The systems of oppression we have created must be torn down; a large part of doing that is to return oversight of the land that was not ours to take nor give away.

"Affordable Homes for Healthy Neighbourhoods"


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